Monday, December 31, 2018

And not for the better …

… Donald Trump is completely transforming the Democrats | TheHill.

Democrats are now defined by Trump the way that antimatter is defined by matter, with each particle of matter corresponding to an antiparticle. Take the secrecy. Democrats once were the party that fought against the misuse of secret classification laws by the FBI and other agencies. They demanded greater transparency from the executive branch, which is a position that I have readily supported. Yet, when oversight committees sought documents related to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act investigation of Trump associates, Democrats denounced the very thought that Republicans would question the judgment of the FBI that any such disclosures would be tantamount to jeopardizing national security.

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  1. Seems like projection. It's the Republican Party that has changed, and become the Reform Party. It's good to see many Republican lawmakers breaking with the administration. Of course, timing is everything, and it is getting near time for Republicans to choose a presidential candidate for 2020. Hopefully this will create serious soul searching on the part of candidates and Republican voters. I'd like to be a Republican again. But a lot of damage has been done.