Thursday, February 21, 2019

The triumph of the humorless …

… Gettysburg College trustee resigns over yearbook photo in Nazi costume.

Apparently, everyone has forgotten that Colonel Klink was played by Werner Klemperer, who was born into a Jewish family, as was John Banner, who played Sergeant Schultz. Werner Klemperer was the son of the conductor Otto Klemperer. Oh, and Hogan's Heroes was a comedy. It was quite popular in its day, and no one rubbing elbows with sanity could have taken it for being sympathetic to Nazism. Does anyone today study the past for any reason other than to determine that it was inferior to our wondrous times?

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  1. As I recall, the guy who played the French POW was not Jewish, but had been in a German prison for some part of the war.

    I will say that Mad Magazine cast a pretty cool eye on Hogan's Heroes--you could look it up.