Sunday, December 29, 2019

Cause for concern …

… Forty Years of the Computer Revolution | The American Spectator. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

And it’s the young who are the easiest audience, since one of the things we do understand is that the neural pathways in the brain are not well formed until late adolescence. No wonder Steve Jobs and a surprising number of other seminal figures in the computer revolution limited screen time for their children. They wanted to protect their own families from the devices they were becoming wealthy by producing.

The computer has always been for me a glorified typewriter and research tool. Email is nice, because I don’t need to put something in an envelope and take it to a mailbox. I have a cell phone, but it is usually turned off. I use it mostly to stay in touch with Debbie when I’m out and about. I don’t do Facebook or Instagram. But I have noticed the people on the sidewalks — and even in their cars — glued to their phones. I have a Twitter account, but almost never tweet. So I doubt if anybody ever tweets me. I have noticed kids’ absorption in their devices. But they’re not my kids and it’s none of my business. I have also noticed that the younger generation often seems ignorant of all sorts of things I had learned in school at their age, which has struck  me as odd, since they have at their disposal devices they can use to look things up. Oh, well. Sometime in the next few years I will leave the scene for good.

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