Tuesday, September 15, 2020

But is THE science really science?

… Coronavirus Update XXXI: THE Science Cannot Be Questioned, Denier! – William M. Briggs. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Science is about evidence.
Here is my review of  Tycho and Kepler.


  1. Hi Frank,

    This article is really not talking about the science, but how the science could be lied about, to take freedoms away by a fascist goverment. But there's a problem in its approach . . .

    Here's a quote: "In the USA, THE science says if you stand up in a restaurant unmasked, the coronadoom will get you. But if you sit unmasked smacking your lips, belching, scratching, farting and sharing food, it can’t get you."

    The science does not say anything like that. A local ordinance does. There's the pressure to allow restaurants to open on one side, and the science of the spread of the virus on the other. How can you sit down to eat and keep the mask on at the same time? The science says a risk is created by allowing people to gather, as in a restaurant, especially without masks. The ordinance deals with how to open a restaurant, which means diners cannot be wearing masks.

    The recent science says Adults with Covid-19 about 'twice as likely' to say they have dined at a restaurant, CDC study suggests -- and I use the CNN article, because it is from the progressive side, and cites a government study.

    I was speaking with my sister last night, and we touched on just this point. We mentioned to each other, that we are not eating out as much, and when we do, we go where there is outdoor seating available. We do this, because the science says that the aerosol is much like second hand cigarette smoke, and hangs infectiously in the air when there is no breeze to take it away and walls are keeping it inside.

  2. I link. You decide. Take it up with guy who wrote the post.