Saturday, September 12, 2020

The university clown show …

… Chinese alumni compare USC to Mao for removing professor over Chinese word that sounds like n-word | The College Fix.

UCLA’s Volokh criticized USC leaders for failing to teach students that “they should not be upset by such accidents of language,” and for implying that “Chinese speakers should watch what they say, not just in examples but in ordinary conversation that could be overheard.”
Forcing faculty to avoid certain Mandarin words would be “oddly Anglocentric” and offensive to Mandarin speakers, Volokh wrote in a sample letter that he said Garrett should have written.


  1. There are really a lot of clowns at the university. As they say - who studied at some university, he no longer laughs in the circus. You can laugh if there are no difficulties with study. And they are only for those who do not use the service advertised in the article

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Students who use the service advertised in the article can really laugh at the university.