Friday, December 18, 2020

In case anyone is still interested …

… Jill Biden: Weak Dissertation | National Review. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

This is the last thing I will link to regarding this. I continue to agree with Joseph Epstein, who is  a very good writer. But I like this from the dissertation: 

“Responding to the current social and economic morés of the new millennium, Delaware Tech’s mission has adapted to meet the needs and goals of today’s students.”

Nice of her to add the accent to mores.


  1. This is so odd. Epstein and Kyle Smith now, are judging who should get doctorates. For Smith, typos are a big no-no. And adding an accent to mores is just, well, we all know how to pronounce moré. We do not need her accents to remind us, certainly Smithé doesn't, nor did the board for which she was defending her thesis. And if they did, they're out too!

    So from now on, all doctorates will be cleared through Epstein and the WSJ, and Smithé and the Nationalé Réview. The idea we've had of accredited universities bestowing doctorates, is just not working to their tastes, and a social correction must be made for them. They are, after all, just as important as accredited universities, and have opinions on the matter, or at least important columns to writé. Indeed, we will need to set up a team to scour all the doctoral thesés ever approved, and certainly medical doctoratés must be included, to revoke all doctorates for which these 2 smartest of the smarties do not, well, apprové. They should have their wishes, that all the Dr. Jill Bidens in the world no longer be doctors. The world has been wrong wrong wrong all along.

  2. You care about this infinitely more than I do.

  3. I may be infinitely more "conservative" than you.

  4. I’m not conservative. I’m not liberal. I’m me, and I call them as I see them, and don’t give a damn if anybody else agrees or not. Just treadin’ my way on my own.
    I sure in hell don’t need any letters after my name to prove anything. I’m Jesuit-trained. That’s quite enough.

  5. One further thought: I am definitely deplorable.

    1. How droll! It's precisely the sort of thing I'd expect a committed contrarian to claim,and here, I used to believe you take pride in thinking for yourself.

  6. That's an interesting badge. When Hillary referred to Trump's "basket of deplorables", she did not mean all his supporters. But you're an editor. You know how to read. Even so, I would never wear that badge, knowing it's a misread, that the intention was for neo-Nazis and such. I rather think of Trump's oft-deplorable behavior, making him a less than zero president.

    In being a conservative, or not as it were, I am with you. My vote first goes to character, because as far as policy goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If all or both candidates have what seems to be good intentions, these good intentions being from the heart, I do not yet go to policy, but to whether it seems the person will or can do the job. There's the competent evil of Andrew Jackson, versus the incompetent James Buchanan. Trump rises to both and probably is the worst president we've ever had. We've had the evils of March of Tears, the Civil War, and now the mishandled Covid-19 pandemic and the evil turning our backs on asylum seekers. Truly deplorable.

    I don't care what any one of them were as far as being conservative or liberal. Trump in philosophy was a reformist moderate. These are deplorable presidents, and will all remain in history as such. Add to this, imagine mocking a disabled person, and never apologizing, but making mockery and insult a way of handling opposition? Deplorable to the core.