Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Anniversary …

… Flashback to 1954 — I remember getting my vaccine.

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  1. As I noted on RT's blog, as one who had polio in 1954 - I was two years old - I don't think it was hysteria, but rather a health crisis that needed to be stopped dead in its tracts. God Bless Dr Salk and President Eisenhower. I don't remember my near-death bout with polio, but my late mother always cried when she talked about my polio. I was not in an iron lung, like many other polio sufferers, but i had those huge metal braces on my small, thin legs. To this day, I still suffer from polio with back issues and one leg slightly shorter than the other. Thankfully I recovered enough to become a fair boxer, baseball and football player, and a scuba diver.(I didn't mention it when I joined the Navy) As we now have lost more than 500,000 people to COVID-19, I'm not sure hysteria is the right word today.