Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Another challenge to the current orthodoxy …

 Study: Children show strongest immune response to COVID-19 - UPI.com.

Trust me, this is only the beginning. Anybody who knows how to report has known this from the start (by doing a little reporting).

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  1. Hi Frank,

    I don't know of any orthodoxy, only the science, and have fought against the science deniers, in order to save some lives, so much misinformation being spread around with the virus. There's a strawman out there somewhere maybe, but no one aligned with any current thought process about the virus.

    Scientists have known for months that children have a milder respiratory reaction. What the study or at least the report of the study is not showing is how immune children are to the other organ damage, such as how Covid-19 damages the heart and we know now eyesight of those who catch it. How much lower is the life expectancy of children, now that they have had Covid-19? Before we let our kids run across the street without looking, what are the chances they will get hit by a car this way? They depend on adults to protect them.

    One of the huge issues with opening schools is that children have been spreaders. The reason for nearly 700,000 dead Americans, is the spreaders, and the spreaders only. As applied to children, we can ask, "Who killed Grandma with their Covid-19?" We need to protect our kids from being unwitting killers. M & I both have kids who are teachers. We do not want them so exposed either. This is why there must be safe distancing, masks, and ventilation, until herd immunity.