Friday, November 19, 2021


… Dave Frishberg, a legendary songwriter who called Portland home, dies at 88 -
(Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

People magazine never did get around to profiling him (though it did briefly review one of his albums in the 1980s). But his niche in the niche-songwriting world of the cabaret smart set, when such a breed still existed, was lofty. Superb saloon singers came to be identified with the Frishberg tunes they sang. One of those singers was Blossom Dearie, whose rendition of his “Peel Me a Grape”was, in Mr. Frishberg’s view, definitive.


  1. None of us who listened to Jim Wilke's Jazz After Hours on the radio will ever forget Dave Frishberg, and "My Attorney Bernie," and "Van Lingle Mungo" -- and more.