Monday, May 30, 2022

How sad …

… Healthy Woman Dead After Taking COVID Shot | Presidential Wire.

I do know people who take what the government tells us about as if it we the Gospel truth. As a former medical editor, I don’t.


  1. Hi Frank,

    Myocarditis and other cardio disorders in relation to the Pfizer vaccine has been reported, tracked, and studied by the CDC and the NIH, for instance here: Myocarditis, Pericarditis and Cardiomyopathy After COVID-19 Vaccination. And everyone's cardiologist is well aware of it, vis a vis here: Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccine.

    This is why the doctor in the UK testifying fell to the conclusion, that chances are Dawn Wooldridge caught her deadly heart inflammation from the vaccine–even though it was her first shot. She was in the age bracket. In this country, we had a woman of 22 and a man in his mid-thirties who died this way.

    Let's back up a little. Saturday, you posted this: Some much needed perspective . . . on the mass murder of children. While the Pfizer vaccine has been been administered in this country, more people have died from semi-automatic weapons in the hands of private citizens, what the NRA calls "modern sporting rifles," than by the Covid vaccination. On the other hand, no lives have been saved by these same privately-own sporting rifles and yet hundreds of thousands of US lives have been saved by vaccinating millions of us. Not only that, but uncounted millions have suffered less and have had less vital organ damage than they otherwise would have, because of having been vaccinated.

    Early warning. Having had Covid-19 is believed to be inconsequential to the immune system against the variants expected in late summer and fall. Vaccination is expected to be helpful. On not ever wanting to catch Covid-19, this just out this week end: Neurological Sequelae of COVID-19. Yes, a study that is pulling together the damage done to the central nervous system from Covid-19. While we know how very safe the vaccination is, and have a handle on the rare times it can cause even death, we still have not come to research grips with how far-reaching the damage from the virus is.


  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Meanwhile in reality, not in talking points from Big Pharma shills--if they don't pay that guy, it's amazing he works to make rich people richer for free, especially considering the harm they do--more people die "unexpectedly", "suddenly", and "mysteriously":

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    That link measures gullibility, not vaccine deaths. It's rare that any of us know someone who died from myocarditis brought on by the vaccine. Name someone you know who died from the vaccine.

    And VAERS? That's a reporting system. It's where to report a death that follows from the vaccine. It's how we found out about the myocarditis. And since most of the hundreds of millions of us were alive when we received the vaccine, any of us who then died, died following the vaccine. The VAERS campaign is also silly and for gullible people only.

    Speaking of gullibility and shills, are you a paid shill or an unpaid shill? What I mean is, have you sold out? Like, say, Tucker Carlson has, for lots and lots of media money. His bosses at Fox News defended him in court two years ago by asserting that what he says is "not reasonably understood as being factual." It's an opinion show, a comedy hour, where he can say whatever will get a rise out f the audience and keep the commercial money coming. Believing what Carlson reports is like believing that Al Pacino is a mobster because he plays them so often in the movies.

    If you get paid, how much do you get paid for selling out to big media? Maybe a pittance, desperation money I should think. Or do you get your money from political interests, who want to sell the gullible on viral idiocies "not reasonably understood as being factual," while viral Covid is killing us?

    Yes, I am unpaid, a shill for the truth. I cited real studies by real researchers highly qualified to do the research, based on real life (and death) data. Not some ridiculous poll meant for entertainment purposes only and believe only by the truly gullible.