Thursday, July 21, 2022

Interesting …

Turns Out The Vex Likely Caused Myocarditis & Pericarditis After All.

As Alex says, “If you can’t trust the Bundesgesundheitsministerium, who can you trust?”


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    My irrational fear of catching myocarditis from the vaccine is even worse than yours. It comes in the form of a recurring dream.

    A driver in my neighborhood picks up a hitchhiker, who asks him, "Why did you pick me up? I could be a serial killer." And the driver says, "What are the chances of there being two serial killers in the same car?"

    As they drive down the road, they spot me coming out of a packy with a Megamillions ticket in my hand. I get struck by lightning. They pull over, a crowd gathers, and the serial killers clear the way, with the claim that they will give me two-person CPR.

    An ambulance happens by just in time and takes me to the hospital, running over several unleashed pets along the way. At the hospital, I am placed on an IV. An as-yet-uncaught angel of death nurse comes into my room, and instead of injecting the IV with poison, picks up a Pfizer vaccine needle and injects that instead. I die of myocarditis.

    At that moment, Dr. Fauci appears and takes the lottery ticket from my grip. He wins half a billion dollars that night.

    At my funeral, my loved ones all say the same thing, "If only he had not been vaccinated against Covid-19." Little do they know.

  2. Once again, forgot to sign in first. That is my recurring dream. Fortunately, I got the booster before the dreams began.

  3. 'Die Melderate bezieht sich auf alle Verdachtsmeldungen, d. h. ein ursächlicher Zusammenhang mit der Impfung ist mit der Verdachtsmeldung noch nicht bestätigt, es wird erstmal ein zeitlicher Zusammenhang festgestellt.'