Wednesday, November 16, 2022

In case you wondered …

 Is Reason a White Male Euro-Christian Construct?

The problem, very simply, is that if reason is culturally or racially or in any way relative, then there is no such thing as reason. Reason is like truth in this respect. Truth is absolute by its very nature; talk of relative truth is nonsense. Similarly, reason is normative and impartially adjudicative by its very nature. Talk of reason as reflective of class interests or racial biases is nonsense. So either there is no reason or it is not a social construct. And if it is not a social construct, then of course it is not a white male Euro-Christian construct.

Exactly how dumb do people like Caputo think the rest of us are? Well, I don’t think Caputo is dumb. He’s just a shameless panderer to faculty lounge fashion. Pathetic.

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