Monday, December 19, 2022

Maybe more worrisome than I thought …

 Vatican Removes Fr. Frank Pavone, Pope Francis Plays Key Role | 

As I have said of Dope Francis before (the historically informed will know the reference): Will no one rid us of this turbulent priest? I am opposed to abortion for the same reason I am opposed to capital punishment: It’s wrong to kill people (the child in the womb is a genetically unique individual, not a condition the mother is suffering from; pregnancy is not an illness).

As for my rude reference to the reigning Pontiff, no I don’t want a cluster of knights to kill him. But he is making it difficult for this cradle Catholic — abandoning a key doctrine I was raised to believe. Maybe Francis will cut a deal with Planned Parenthood regarding the sale of organs from aborted children so the Church can gain some revenue. This “vicar” of Christ may end up destroying the Church. God I loathe him.

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