Tuesday, January 10, 2023

A poem …

 Now and Then

Circumstance, as usual, conducted

His affairs, flourishing life's ornaments.

So now, grown old, he finds himself, as years

Before, alone at times, and finds as well

He thinks as then, and sees how that is good.

He has not strayed too far: Usual birds

And garden, standard house plants, strolls still grand,

Though slower. God's about, and always has

Been. So he pays scant heed to time and deed

Once over. Here and now is where he means

To be, though here and now just now

Only draw him back, suspending tense,

Elsewhere and here conjoined in palimpsest —

Faded parchment, layered script — time in between

So long ago and now dissolving into somewhere

Once before, as if his mother were nearby,

Attaching her heart to flowers, vines, and thorns,

Allowing him to be what he's become.

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