Saturday, March 11, 2006

I was in college ...

... when the Profumo scandal made international headlines (it was front-page news, day in and day out). And now the man at the center of it, former British cabinet minister John Profumo, has died at age 91. Much can be learned, I think, from pondering his life and especially the manner in which he dealt with an adversity admittedly of his own doing: John Profumo.


  1. I suppose most people reading about him now don't have a clue who Profumo was.
    But he's widely regarded in the UK as having an exemplary life after his lie about his affair with Keeler was exposed.
    Over here, much has been made of his "penance" (resigning as a government minister and dedicating his life to charity work) and high principles compared to similar kinds of event today.
    Of course, Profumo is regularly trotted out over here every time some politician is caught out "playing away from home" and lying about it. Cecil Parkinson (minister in Thatcher's government)is one of the most egregious examples in relatively recent memory, but there have been others I am sure.

  2. My impression is that Profumo was genuinely a man of character. One month of illicit pleasure completely changed his life.

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