Friday, March 17, 2006

Media challenged ...

... by science: Science literacy takes some hits from the media. (Thanks again to Maxine Clarke, who is clearly the Dave Lull of Britain - though much prettier.)


  1. "much prettier", eh? Do you know what Dave Lull looks like? I don't, so have no basis for comparison ;-)

    Your comment was not a reciprocation for my beard posting, was it?!

    Thank you for the compliment, in any case, Frank. You are a true gentleman of cyberspace.

  2. Well, Maxine, I've seen you and I can't imagine that Dave looks better. But then, I have heard from Dave on the subject.

  3. Frank, you of course meant that you haven't heard from me, so let me assure you that you're right: Maxine is much, much prettier than I am.

    And, Maxine, I'm not saying that because of your beard posting, since not having seen me, you couldn't have included me in your list, though I should say that, judging from what Frank's beard looks like, I do have a beard that just may be of the "certain type" that you're a fan of.

  4. And, Frank, yes, you're prettier than I am, too.

  5. Well, of course, you are also a true gentleman of cyberspace, Dave.
    I'm very pleased to read about the beard.

    I wish they were more fashionable than they are (where I live, anyway).

    Man's natural state, is my opinion of beards (of a certain type, of course). I think there is a portrait of Walter Raleigh with just such an example. I'll see if I can find it (or something equivalent as a type example) and will post it on Petrona if so. (Don't hold your breath, though).