Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sit up and vote ...

... for America's Favorite Poem - or at least your favorite. (Hat tip again to Dave Lull.)


  1. I cut through all the theory and voted my conscience and so poetic gut, for Frost.

    Comparing poems this way, I feel like saying "Frost Rules!!!" or something, as if such competition is meaningful, and as if I would back up how I voted in the face of the other great poets's fans, with their painted faces and placards.

    And yet, isn't poetry this competitive? Isn't this is what the poetry market has come to? Thousands of poetry submissions to contests and publications, for a handful of available magazine pages or prizes.

    Poetry editors have that task of finding the very best so that their periodicals don't sink for the sake of mediocrity.

    I like to take a page from my mother's book. Ever since she was 5-years-old, pretty much each day she has played the piano, whether alone, or before a group. It's about enjoying the art in front of us.

    A few year ago, I wrote a satirical drama along these lines: Melic Review: After Hours (Winter 2002): PoemMania. Note that only two of the poem links, Grace Paley's 'Here' and Phil Stinson's 'Hospital Time' still work, but the text to the others is contained in the drama, so the piece should still flow well.

  2. Well, Rus, I did the same -- voted my poetic gut -- and chose Stevens.
    I was surprised to see how well Prufrock was doing