Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lynne Scanlon ...

... has a Damascus moment.


  1. Frank, I find myself torn over whether to conceal my shortcomings or to just confess my ignorance and thereby deal with it to a small extent. I've opted for the latter. Could you please explain "Damascus moment" to me? Thanks!

  2. St. Paul on the road to Damascus was struck blind and has a vision of Jesus that changed him from being a perecutor of Christians to a Christian convert. So a Damascus moment is a moment of conversion. Never worry about asking. Having to ask has been the story of my life.

  3. Susan6:57 PM

    Thank you. My grandfather always used to say "There's no shame in not knowing something the first time it comes up. The shame comes if the subject arises again and you haven't made a point of finding out about it." I'm a little ashamed right now, though, because that's something I really should have known!