Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chapter One ...

... of Lee Lowe's Mortal Ghost, a fantasy novel for young adults, has been posted on the internet. Lee says in an email that "the novel will be serialized in weekly instalments for the next 38-40 weeks. Afterwards the entire novel will be available as a free PDF download."


  1. We think as one, Frank. I just read this chapter and emailed you the link. I think it is fantastic writing. I hope your visitors will read it.
    I would prefer to read it as a printed book, presumably becuase I am an "old adult". I probably won't remember what was in the last chapter by the time the next one is posted.
    But truly, the quality of the writing is excellent.

  2. No, Maxine, you are a still-young adult. I am an old adult. But you are right about Lee's work.