Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

Patrick Kurp of Anecdotal Evidence take a dim view of Dan Fesperman's The Prisoner of Guantanamo: 'Gitmo' painted as den of plotters.

But David Montgomery of Crime Fiction Dossier thinks highly of Daniel Silva's The Messenger: A terroristic thriller goes below the surface. (David by the way has just welcomed a new member of his family: Okay, I promise this won't turn into a baby blog...

NBCC president John Freeman of Critical Mass thinks Douglas Coupland's JPod deserves to be taken seriously: A wake-up call for cyber ciphers.

Inquirer staffer David Cohen thinks well, on the whole of Dunstan Prial's The Producer: John Hammond: A man who read the stars.

Sandy Bauers looks at a new development in audio books: Courses and radio plays give a novel meaning to 'audio book'.

Michael McHale thinks T.C. Boyle is at the top of his game: A vengeful hunt for her identity thief.

Sheri Melnick thinks Janet Evanovich is as good as ever: Romantic detour for a Trenton bounty hunter.

And Rita Giordano thinks Jason Goodwin's The Janissary Tree is just great: Book Review In Istanbul, 1836, eunuch detective works a murder mystery.

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