Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Thomas Devaney offers of a comprehensive view of Charles Bernstein's Girly Man: His most emphatic, rewarding poems yet.

Carlin Romano assesses the achievement of James A. Michener, whose centenary took place on Feb. 3: Michener's legacy: Author or benefactor?

Roger Miller returns to his childhood to review The Dead Fathers Club: If Hamlet were 11, he might write this.

I was quite impressed by Keith Dixon's The Art of Losing: A deceptive novel morphs from caper to moral fable.

Glenn Altschuler isn't entirely convinced by Peter Wood's A Bee in the Mouth: 'New Anger' traced to those '60s liberals.

Michael Harrington likes the cartoons, but is less impressed by the life: Addams' cartoons fascinating, but not his life .

Katie Haegele is charmed by the language of Un Lun Dun: Young Adult Reader | Clever wordplay energizes this oddball adventure story.

During the past week ...

Rita Giordano was impressed by a moving personal account of autism: Book Review | Unflinching look at autism in the family.

David Walton found Vic Gatrell's City of Laughter more than just fun: Book Review | Drawing on a thirst for celebrity scandals .

Phaedra Trethan found truth and laughter in Ron Geraci's The Bachelor Chronicles: Book Review | A bachelor's witty, touching take on the dating game .

And Desmond Ryan found Stanley Weintraub's 11 Days in December to be not your usual Christmas story: Book Review | Christmas on a bloody battlefield

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  1. Nice selection Frank. China Mieville is one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed the review.