Monday, March 19, 2007

A different sort of dialogue ...

... "Global warming NOT a crisis", IQ2 audience decides.

What is interesting here is the transcript of the debate. For the record, my position on this issue is much the same as Glenn's

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  1. Along these lines:

    LRB: Warmer, Warmer by John Lanchester: Global Warming, Global Hot Air

    For a relatively long article, he does not go into depth about too much. It's more like a musing here, and a tragicomic point there. For instance, on the use of flex fuel that uses ethanol, or E85 for cars, he says this:

    Bush is also touting ethanol, manufactured from corn, as a possible source of energy. This is popular with farmers and the corn-growing states, as you’d expect, even though it is potentially disastrous as a model for the rest of the planet, since the last thing we need is for even more forests to disappear.

    And he lets that hang there, like someone else needs to do the study, write the book, debate it in the blogs and at water coolers, and come up with his conclusion.

    There's a really cool pdf link from that article here, though: