Friday, March 02, 2007

I had forgotten ...

... how two-faced the guy actually is - and always has been: Bonnie Prince Al.

This was the real Al, not the virtual one, and one we knew well from the past: the one who at the 1996 convention made a five-Kleenex speech about how his sister's horrific death in 1984 from lung cancer had turned him into an indefatigable foe of tobacco, when in 1988 he had bragged about raising the crop; who went from co-sponsoring a bill to make a fetus a person to defending late-term abortion at NARAL celebrations, and then denied that he had changed anything; the Al who wasted unknown gallons of water during a drought to float his canoe for a save-the-earth photo op; the Al who in March, 2000, declared his intention to crusade for campaign finance reform, because he had been nearly indicted in a fund-raising scandal; the Al who ran in 2000 as, a people-vs.-the powerful populist, while being outed as a slumlord who left his indigent tenants living in squalor; the Al who in the Florida recount promised to "count every vote" (for him, that was), while trying furiously to discredit those of overseas servicemen, and others whose problem was a slight technicality, with which the voters had nothing to do.


  1. Don't forget to mention the Al who actually won the popular vote for president. Or the Al, so two-faced that, though he opposed the war in Vietnam, actually served nearly two years in the Army, however ingloriously, including several months in Vietnam when he had less than a year left on his enlistment. So two-faced that, though he had the opportunity to duck into the (then) safety of the National Guard (like another Son of Privilege I could mention), he chose to go into the Army. So two-faced that he chose military service though he could easily have pursued "other priortities" by grad-schooling and procreating himself past the draft age (like a certain Deputy Bigwig I could mention who now presumes to tell us who is patriotic and who is not).

  2. My flyboy older brother would suggest you fly an F-102 before dismissing service in the Air National Guard. The reason can be found here.
    At any rate, one person's hypocrisy is not excused by another's, nor is it excused because not eveything one does is hypocritical. Gore's record stands. Nor dor I believe he is the only man to have won the popular vote and lost the election. We do not elect presidents by popular vote.