Friday, March 02, 2007

So ya wanna get reviewed ...

... Wannabe Author Syndrome: Cheap, Craven & Conned? How $300 Can Get a Writer a Brutally Honest Manuscript Review.


  1. Frank, would you review someone's manuscript for $300?

  2. Hey, I might do it. Not now, I'm too busy and the $300 doesn't seem like enough money to me, especially relative to other publishing related work I do, like my Get Published business attached to my blog. However, if business was slow, I wouldn't turn my nose up at writing, say, two reviews a week. $31,200 sounds like excellent "pin money" to me. I could buy a couple of new frocks for that! And, it would keep me in the loop.

    Lynne AKA The Wicked Witch of Publishing

  3. I wouldn't, but only because of my position as The Inquirer's book editor. I don't see it as being any other than a review for a different venue. In fact there already are agents you can pay to read you manuscript critically.