Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Books with impact ...

... or, The Most Memorable Books of the Last 25 Years. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. Oh dear. Afraid I had to wait till number 20 to find one I had actually read (or should I say, opened. I read about half of it. Ok, I admit it, got to about page 30 before the words began to swim before my eyes. I bet that McCabe fellow read it on his lunch break! Clever swine). Am I a bit of a philistine? I've read other things, I swear.

  2. I've only read one of them myself, Neil - The Da Vinci Code. And I read that because I had to write an article about it. Lucky for us, too, I'd say. We've been left relatively uninfluenced.

  3. Andrew3:46 PM

    I'm afraid I found that list a depresssing experience. You'll need a good deed to balance the spiritual accounts, Frank.