Friday, April 13, 2007

More than meets the eye indeed ...

... The Bethsaida miracle - Jesus healing a blind man

Both Positivist and Christian are stalemated on the subject of New Testament miracles. Positivist thought is certain that no miracle could ever have taken place -- because such an event would fatally contravene natural law. Your traditional Christian, by contrast, will accept the Gospel accounts on faith. Until now, these two categories of thinking were mutually exclusive: science and faith could not collaborate. But, at Bethsaida, something quite different came about: a miracle that depends on science for its proof, that cannot be understood except by adducing modern medical data -- quite unknown in 30 A.D. -- as evidence. And, when one miracle has been proved, it then at once becomes not just possible, but probable, that another miracle can also be proved true.
I linked to this story last summer, but happened to come upon it again and thought it worth linking to again. Here is a biologist's take on this: "Walking Trees": The science of the miracle at Bethsaida and More on "walking trees", the science of miracles.
Julian O'Dea's blog, Biology Notes, is very worth making a regular stop on your blog stroll.

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