Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Says who?

... says Martin Seymour-Smith in this case: The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written.

I'm not sure how he knows, though.


  1. Andrew10:41 AM

    Interesting but how can it be taken seriously when Dostoevsky is nowhere to be seen? As it moves closer to the present, I would argue it becomes distinctly ludicrous. For example, Gurdieff more influential than Brave New World? Or I could have mentioned some other names I'd never heard of. Which begs the question, influential to whom.

  2. My feelings exactly, Andrew. And up near the top is The Gospel of Truth, one of the Dead Sea scrolls, I believe. This has been greatly influential? On whom? By the way, I just got a copy of Victor Pelevin's The Blue Lantern.

  3. Andrew2:39 PM

    Good man, Frank. Hope it won't disappoint. How you enjoy The Adventures of Shed XII, your reaction to which which will probably tell alot.

  4. Andrew2:40 PM

    Oops, that sentence fell apart a little. I blame society.

  5. I concur. Seems to be mostly philosophy and science books. Not much great literature. Would query the inclusion of Zarathustra. Not his best. An odd, stylistically excessive book. Certainly not the clearest exposition of his thought. Beyond Good and Evil, I humbly suggest, his finest hour.