Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Carlin Romano remembers Kurt Vonnegut: Why does Vonnegut endure so well?

... I was completely charmed by Sheridan Hay's debut novel: Through the prism of enchantment.

... Chuck Leddy is impressed with Chandra Manning's look at How Civil War soldiers saw slavery.

... Judith Musser finds something missing in Nikki Giovanni's latest: Giovanni hails the 'Acolytes,' sounds the call for power poetry.

... Rita Giordano finds The Knitting Circle deeply affecting: After losing child, finding way to go on.

... Katie Haegele likes the way Dana Reinhardt grapples with the truth in Harmless:
Young Adult Reader | Three young women and three views of a life-changing lie.

... Paula Marantz Cohen casts an appreciative glance at Nora Roberts: At first suspicious, but now appreciative of NR.

During the past week:

... John Freeman took delight in Pete Dexter's journalism: Book Review | Dexter's weird tales ripped from the headlines.

... Karen Heller just loved Tova Reich's My Holocaust: Brash satire set at Auschwitz mocks martyrdom.

... Jen Miller gave an A to Pauline Chen's Final Exam: The making of a physician.

Also, I forgot to link to this great profile of Pete Dexter that Amy Rosenberg did: Driving with Pete Dexter. This even comes with video: Video: Dexter on interior decorating and Video: Dexter on some childhood memories.

Finally, Carlin Romano had a pleasant chat in Brooklyn with Man Booker and NBCC winner Kiran Desai: Bagging laurels, logging miles on book tour.

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