Sunday, July 01, 2007

Where we were ...

... and why I didn't blog yesterday: We visited friends - Dot and Nancy - across the river in New Jersey. Their lovely house is nestled in a woodland. The pup is their sheltie Comet. Standing near the hydrangeas are (from left) Dot, Nancy, and my better half. The painting of doves is by Nancy as are the figurines in the corner above the glass table.


  1. This looks like the most fascinatingly serene place. I am sure you are having a great time, Frank!

  2. Susan Balée1:00 PM

    Love the hydrangeas! Mine are abloom too, lace-cap and regular. Sadly, mine are all white -- no pinks or blues. Has something to do with the pH of the soil, no?

  3. How lovely!
    Susan, you can change their colour to blue or pink if you like by adding acid or alkali to the soil. Sometimes you get mixtures of blue and pink in the same head of flowers.