Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hear, hear ...

... Legislation to Close the American Mind.

I agree with everything Bryan says here, and the thought occurred to me while reading it that Bryan ought to write something about style. When I read Understanding the Present and How to Live Forever or Die Trying I would often re-read a passage just to savor the natural grace of the writing. Talent has much to do with this, of course, but so does skill, and skill is something one hones. As I have said before, if one wants to be a journalist, skip journalism school and study what Bryan writes.

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  1. Kevin A. Carson in his "Mouse and the market":

    "Our society holds up invention as the spearhead of progress. Those who first discover an idea are the ones who receive the Nobel Prizes and earn their places in the history books. But in Man, Economy and State, Rothbard shockingly argues that technological invention is relatively unimportant in the progress of civilization. Instead, capital is the far more important, and limiting factor. In fact, he claims, 'there is always an unused shelf of technological projects available and idle.' Why idle? '. . . in order for the new invention to be used, more capital must be invested.'[i]"

    "If you are for technological progress, and its wide availability, then you should be an enthusiastic supporter of capital accumulation and its rational investment[iv]. That is, you should be for the free market."