Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... feature:

... Glenn Reynolds reviewing Larry Sabato: You say you want a new Constitution? Well . . .

... Carlin Romano considering a couple of Garibaldi bios: Two views, one of them respectful, of Garibaldi.

... Greg Feeley praising John Crowley: Ambitious fantasy on magic, history.

... Chris Patsilelis pondering Sputnik: Story behind race to space.

... Len Boasberg looking at life in Pope's London: Flying high with Alexander Pope in a licentious London.

... Rich Di Dio enjoying Pete Jordan's Dishwasher: Memoir of menial tasks, free living.

... and Sandy Bauers listening to Barbara Rosenblat
The weaving of a rich yarn and an incomparable narrator.

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