Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Boy, do I sympathize ...

... Good and not-so-good housekeeping.

Email has simply become unmanageable, what with publicists asking me if I received the review galley of a book scheduled to come out in February and could I let them know if I have decided to review it, to say nothing of peopkle sending me PDF files of their new self-published, files so large they make it impossible for me to open any opf my email. I could go on ... and on. But I will spare you.


  1. Oh, Frank, I know all your travails. I have recd one too many out-of-office auto replies from you, detailing your troubles with excessive email.

  2. oh merde, I guess I'm not sending you my book.
    Hail and farewell
    Lyn LeJeune- The Beatitudes- Rebuilding the Public Libraries of New Orleans at

  3. Chris Anderson on Long Tail Blog had a good post about this. He is Editor in Chief of Wired and gets fed up with this kind of thing. So he published a (huge) list of all the email addresses he is no longer going to answer.