Saturday, November 03, 2007

Important post ...

... from Maxine: Marketing your book 2.0.

Questions are always being raised as to whether reading is in decline - in general or just among the young or ... whatever. But if it is, it certainly has not be accompanied by a decline in the quantity of writing. Just about everyone seems to think that, if they put their mind to it, they can write a book. J.B. Priestley called the second volume of his autobiography I Had the Time. He explained that he had met many, many people over the years who, upon learning that he was a professional writer, had told him that they had often thought of writing a book - and probably would have had they had the time. Well, Priestley observed, "I had the time." At any rate, more people than ever nowadays seem to be finding the time and writing books. Having done it they discover to their dismay that publishers are less eager than they might be to publish said book. But now there is, among other things, POD. So more books than ever are appearing in print every year. And their authors find with dismay that people like me haven't anywhere near the resources to review the book they have toiled upon, and had such great hopes for. The consolation, I think, is that if a book is really good people will hear about it eventually. This is where the blogosphere is going to prove decisive.


  1. I hope you're right about POD, quality, and the blogosphere. The Priestly story is a nice one. Unfortunately, as my backlog of unread books suggests, it can also apply to reading.

  2. I think someone ought to start a blog - or perhaps there should a network of blogs - devoted to reviewing POD books and the like. If sufficient buzz were generated online, it would doubtless filter down to the traditional media.

  3. There are sites and organizations devoted to announcing underground literature-- those books which will not be reviewed by fossilized "mainstream."
    I hope all is well in the city of Philadelphia. . . .

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