Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good question ...

... David Simon asks, does news have any value? (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Well, there's a diffrence between news and the vehicle for delivering it. But this true:

... the great newspaper editors and publishers were simply incapable of stepping out of their mental frameworks in order to explore a genuinely new and different news environment. They would dabble; they would set up their little adjunct Web sites and even hire a Web-only columnist or two, and the most radical of them would make their reporters drag along video cameras to do “multimedia reporting.” But why would any of them have said, “The Web is the future — let’s move there as fast as we can?” It simply made no sense for them. Only the dispossessed emigrate.

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  1. And now, of course, newspaper editors and publishers (I omit the word great, never having been associated with an editor or publisher of that description) pathetically focus on new ways of delivering content, having done their best so strip their newspapers of any content worth delivering.
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