Monday, January 28, 2008

Witch loves Kindle ..

... Kindle, Anyone? Wicked Witch of Publishing Predicts End of the Era of “Used & New Books” Online.


  1. I will admit that the Kindle didn't really interest me much initially, except to the extent that everyone involved in publishing has to keep an eye on it. As much as I read online, I still prefer to sit with a well-made book.

    Then my grandmother, who has not really been able to read for a couple of years because of eye problems, told me that she's been able to read again using my aunt's Kindle.

    That made me wonder whether this is unusual. Maybe I've missed it, but in all the stories about the Kindle I've not heard about it helping the elderly or those with poor sight. Is it because most people my grandma's age (mid-80s) are presumed not to be willing to try to learn how to use the machine? I'm not really a tech person myself, but I guarantee that if I ever get to where I can't read, I'll suddenly become very, very willing to wrestle with any technology that might help me do so.

    Regardless, my grandmother's joy at being able to read again made my week.javascript:void(0)
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  2. Since as a lifelong avid reader I bring my Kindle with me everywhere I go in the hopes of having a few free minutes to read again, I am often asked to show people what it is, and how it works. In the process many have told me they can't see tiny type anymore, and have had to give up reading. Imaging their joy like the grandmother in the story just read here, when they can see that they can read again.

    I'm aged 81 myself, but still have good eyesight. But it is a relief to me to know than once I cannot, I will still be able to read.

    Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I just got my Kindle in the mail last night and I am still a little giddy about it.

    I found it easy to use and read. I am also excited to see how many more magazines and newspapers are accessible via Kindle. It is great to just have this small device and have an amazing amount of reading material at your disposal.