Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Droll Stroll in the Park

Actually, you've probably not heard of Ed Blodgett because he's too good for us; but, more to the point? Edmonton has a poet laureate? Who knew?


  1. You're right that I hadn't heard of Ed Blodgett, although I've only started reading Canadian poets in the last couple of years, and there are far more I don't know than I do. But I love that park and hope to get back some time to see his poetry "posts."

  2. He's a professor, Hedgie, as far as I know (which explains why hardly anyone knows who he is; I only became acquainted with his work because of my avocation, of course; but, I thought some of it utterly breathtakingly gorgeous, particularly the first Apostrophes which is highly indebted to Rilke, IIRC).

    It would be terrific if you could visit the park and see what actually has happened with this experiment. I'm sure it would make a fine blog entry; but, equally importantly, it would also be think-linq. worthy.

    After seeing your admiration for Kate Braid, I already know you'll ace it.

  3. I just ordered An Ark of Koans, his only book currently available from I have ordered books from in the past and will probably check there a bit later for other available books of his. His "Apostrophes" series sounds fascinating. thanks for bringing him to my attention.

  4. Sorry, Hedgie, just noticed your discovery this morning. I haven't read it so, of course, am looking forward to your thoughts on it. And, you're right, the Apostrophes series is, I think, his finest work (and, I've read most of it except An Ark of Koans and his really early stuff). I remain partial to the first Apostrophes (which further amazes me because it won the Governor-General's Award for Poetry the year it appeared and *my* writers NEVER do that kind of thang. Score one for poetry despite the many millions for poseurs prostitating their so-called art kissing the arse of CanLitterDoyens.)