Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guys just wanna have fun ...

... but that won't make men out of them: Man and Sillyman. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. Ah, old vinegar decanted into fresh bottles. Has there ever been a time when young men didn't want to cut loose when they could?

    Now, thanks to prosperity and sexually available women, men can prolong mature adolescence for as long as they'd like. No wonder those who miss those times want to condemn them.

    (Didn't the Onion do a story on this?)

  2. Isn't mature adolescence something of an oxymoron? And I say that as someone who was still partying hard into his late 40s.

  3. You two! Two of America's finest sounding like you're over-the-hilt :). Mature adoltescence?

    Hahahaha . . .

    By the time you reach *that* stage, you'll be calling it mature obsolesence, trust me (if you dare).

    IOW, you'll never get there 'cause you ain't never been there. Not in this bizth, nope . . . not by a country style.

    Didn't somebobby famously say, I was so much hunger then; I'm fuller than that, now? Or, sumpthin' like that? (The ol' grey cells they ain't what she used ta be.)

    [*looks left 'n' right*]

    Nope. RKM's not touchin' this; not with a ten-foot silver cane.

    p.s. You have to be at least ninety before you can get to claim either nostalgia or sentiment, Guyz!

    p.s. *My* cane has mother-of-pearl inlay, nyah nyah . . .