Friday, September 19, 2008

An Online Redefinition of Realitition

Wordia grants cyber-surfers the opporturnity to create and share moving A/V pictures of their own definoes of any word in existence (or not); thus, if you don't know the meaning of "recrudesecration," say, you simply provide your own take on the sense it gives you and upload your interpresentation following the rules of the Wordia way.

I dunno; does "gasshole" mean something other than what it means to me (or, more importantly, you)? Or, how about "snorange," the über-neo invented to rhyme with "gorange," NTM "gaffaw," "democrit," "angiety," or "flustrating?"

Trumours, dastardeedly trumours; nothing more, nothingness, know less.

(Yes, I did, in fact, beat The Bard's wreckord; what's it to me? The Book of Eternity, ackshurlly.)

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