Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can't postpone this ...

... Live from New York....

See also Andrew Motion's educational notion and Novel-Tees.

That's our girl.

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  1. Thank you so much, Frank; plus, while I'm getting outta the cyberhouse more often, now, gotta say: Not only are you unforgettoverably lovable, you're also the reason I took the plunge and became a blogger. (Why am I thinking of Mr. Crapper?)

    J/kiddin' . . .

    But, hey, BTW: Way to ace top-of-the-crop place in the London Times hunnert best blogs dans le monde. *That* really off-knox my warm 'n' woolly Habsical super-sox.

    BA's annotation concerning BITE was abso-obvo outta/cite alright, too. Good on us, good on you, good on our regs and those simply passing through.

    There are several million blogiter dicta in the naked cyber-city; it's staggering ours is among THE Top 100 of 'em.

    (Incidentally, did you know McLuhan originated the concept of the Top-Ten List Letterman later co-opted? C'est vrai.)

    (What most impressed yours truly? Your co-flâneur, your semblable, your frère, also put in an equally deserving appearance there.)

    Bravo à duo.