Sunday, February 15, 2009

A lovely post ...

... from Maxine: True confessions of a blogger. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Reading about pain, and experiencing its sharp pangs, when you are not expecting it is unsettling and quite dramatically affecting. It comes at you out of left field. This has happened to me before when reading blogs - I've suddenly come across a post that raises old, buried wounds and have been unable to read on. But this cluster in the past few days has been unprecedented. Would I write on my blog if I'd been rejected in some way, or was suffering from some particular cause? Probably not. I suppose that makes me a repressed coward in some respects.
No, Maxine, you're neither repressed nor a coward. I wouldn't write about that sort of thing on this blog, either. We're just not the sort of people who would do that. I'd write to you instead.

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  1. Like just about anything which relates to writing, I feel it depends on how it's done. Blog posts that are small personal essays can be very rewarding - both to write and to read.