Friday, February 20, 2009

Prize news ...

... Commonwealth prize shortlists announced.

I haven't read Kenneth J. Harvey's Blackstrap Hawco, but I reviewed his novel The Town That Forgot How to Breathe and thought it was great.

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  1. Yes, KJH's work really sparkles, FWilson; I do hope he wins this; but, given the brouhahucksterism surrounding the alleged corruption of one of the judges . . .

    (Mr. Medley calls it Déja vu"; but, really, it's better considered "Déja Voodooism.")

    (Pukifying, IOW.)

    Nor have I read BH; but, I've read (and own) everything prior to it. Ken's amazing and simply continues to grow ever more amazuroar on every score. Sadly, with the SNAFUBAR surrounding Stenson, a lot of attention he might have received will now be tossed overboard for the dirty tricksteruckus angle. What else is news? Another day, another deficit. Welcome to our uniquely Canadian case of the short-fuse ruse-blues.