Friday, September 25, 2009

Indeed ...

... The unbearable sadness of Michael Moore.
What we are left with then is a kind of political pornography for bien pensants in which Moore carefully orchestrates and manages his scenes and arguments to arouse a sense of anger and moral outrage in an audience which he knows desires to be thus titillated. Moore then feeds a series of stimulating scenes to the viewer, keeping that engorged muscle of angry indignation fully enflamed, until a climactic release at the end of the film. But once that climax has been reached, the world has not changed and the viewer has not participated in any meaningful form of protest, rebellion or dissent. This is ultimately an experience without real contact, without consummation, or the exchange of any bodily fluids. The energy of outrage is dissipated and fades away. The manipulated viewer simply returns to his life, most likely carrying on as a good servant of Capitalism.
Moore is a phony.


  1. Moore denounces capitalism in his latest film but will eagerly accept all the money he will make from it. Doesn't he appreciate the irony and hypocrisy? What alarms me most about Moore is that fact that so many people do two things: (1) pay to see his movies, and (2) believe his drivel.

  2. Well put Frank!

    There's a good film that 'outs' Moore, produced by a couple of Canadians.

    One of the telling points it makes is that Moore was actually granted an interview with Roger Smith, despite building a whole movie on the premise that he wasn't.

  3. Susan B.8:26 PM

    He is the most obnoxious human being on the planet, and I'm including Kim Jong Il.