Sunday, November 08, 2009

This is too funny ...

... For PZ Myers.

I would suggest that anyone would be well-advised not to pick a verbal fight with Bryan. "Sub-verbal sack of shit" is indeed much better than "badly written lumps."


  1. Brian's prose may be more glib, but he is ignoring the facts and the science, which justifies Myers conclusion.

  2. Since it's been pointed out in the comments that Appleyard is misusing the word 'sub-verbal', picking a verbal fight with him seems like quite a good idea. After having his scientific ignorance shown, Appleyard seems to have lost his eloquence as well. Its certinaly helps support Myers point that Appleyard doesn't deserve to get paid anything for writing.

  3. Andrew Ryan10:12 AM

    Surely it's not a 'verbal fight' if it is happening via prose? I thought verbal had to be out load, but I could be wrong. Also, I'd disagree that Bryan teaches him any kind of lesson. He doesn't engage with PZ's takedown of Bryan's science writing, he just swears at him.

  4. PZ eviscerated Apple-boy, IMHO. The "negligible Bryan Appleyard" seems about right to me.