Thursday, February 02, 2017

Killer thoughts …

… R.T.'s Commonplace: Murder in Hollywood -- a tale of vice and vixens.


  1. "Thoghts"?
    But really, who doesn't have "killer thoughts"? I think it might be part and parcel of the human condition. But I could be wrong.

  2. From Wikipedia:
    Homicidal ideation is a common medical term for thoughts about homicide. There is a range of homicidal thoughts which spans from vague ideas of revenge to detailed and fully formulated plans without the act itself.[1] Many people who have homicidal ideation do not commit homicide. 50-91% of people surveyed on university grounds in various places in the United States admit to having had a homicidal fantasy.[2] Homicidal ideation is common, accounting for 10-17% of patient presentations to psychiatric facilities in the United States.[1]

  3. That's very interesting. Apparently, I'm weirder than I thought. I can't think of my ever wanting to kill anybody. Kicking the shit out of somebody — well, that's another thing.