Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Minority report …

Debbie and I went to see Manchester by the Sea this afternoon. Ran into some friends there as well. None of us liked it. Why Casey Affleck's johnny-one-note performance  has received the accolades it has is beyond me. George, the family friend (C.J. Wilson), is about the only interesting character in the film, but it's a tiny part (which is dumb, given that it is also pivotal). The rest are people one would never want to know. Just an awful movie. Don't buy the hype.


  1. Interesting that you should find it awful, Frank. I liked it on balance. Perhaps you found it too grim but I liked that the central character was finally able to eke out something of value from the grimness. I will share with you a fuller review in due course.

  2. And I found it very good. I don't read fiction, or watch films, to find people I might like. Affleck's performance is exactly right for such a damaged, almost 'locked in' person. I also appreciated that the central character didn't really change or grow -- far more moving, and realistic, than conventional narrative expectations.