Thursday, February 02, 2017

Presidents doodling...and this is Ike, not Trump

As you might remember, during the debates, many people wondered what Trump was scribbling while it was Hillary Clinton’s turn to speak. The late-night talk shows had a field day trying to figure it out, but we’d like to suggest that it was just harmless doodling, which according to history, is a rather presidential thing to do.


  1. Note: I think your link is not accessible to non-subscribers.
    Postscript: Hemingway had his faults -- many of them -- but I do not think he can be blamed or held responsible for another man's suicide (although he would be responsible for his own many years later).

  2. Hi Tim! Your comment is probably meant for the Hemingway post and I fixed the link I think, thanks! As to Hemingway's merits, and as always, we report you decide :-)