Saturday, February 04, 2017

The play's the thing …

 R.T.'s Commonplace: Back on the road via "Our Town" (4 February 1938) and the promise of many more stops before the end of the line.
I think the first play I ever saw in a theater was a college production of Hamlet, which was quite good. I guess the one I remember was another college production, of Much Ado About Nothing. I was the prompter. I am fond of modern French drama — Giraudoux, Anouilh.

By the way, an excellent 1977 TV production of Our Town can be watched on YouTube.

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  1. Frank, your comment reminds of something (which may or may not be ironic): even within my Swiss-cheese brain and my failing memory, I remember more about plays (those I encountered on stage, in reading, and in classrooms) than I do about most anything else in my life. I wonder what that means. I might be, however, much ado about nothing.