Thursday, June 08, 2017

Democrats look at themselves; don't like what they see

The Democrats don’t have a “white working-class problem.” They have a “working-class problem,” which progressives have been reluctant to address honestly or boldly. The fact is that Democrats have lost support with all working-class voters across the electorate, including the Rising American Electorate of minorities, unmarried women, and millennials. This decline contributed mightily to the Democrats’ losses in the states and Congress and to the election of Donald Trump.
I switched parties sometime ago.  I'm actually a libertarian, the less government the better I think, but sigh, nothing is happening there anytime soon.  Anyway, like switching other things (what is she talking about? (Google me if you don't know lol)) it was an interesting experience.  Most interesting is watching the exact same techniques used by both sides to demonize the other.

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