Sunday, February 06, 2005

Eagles inspire (Part 2) ...

Ian Keenan also waxed poetic regarding our Birds. His live reading of the piece at the Kelly Writer's House was broadcast on WXPN.

Super Sestina

The fix is in in art, Artis Hicks,
The hood conceals our rhetoric, Roderick Hood
The swans are swallowing our Ledas, Lito Sheppard

Brown is the earth we're shelled in, Sheldon Brown,
We've trodden amongst the mines, Jeremiah Trotter
Fate's looser than crooked chads, Chad Lewis

LJ Smith will you fill in in fields of brown
With ageless Mike Bartrum your shepherd
Donovan aiming for your moving hood
wishing to make you an end zone trotter
hoping you jump in the stands to be held up by hicks
who are really trying to figure out where the loo is

for here in the timeless streets of cobblestones grey and soils brown
the muttering retreats that Possum and Archie Shepp heard
where Keith Adams, Jefferson and Franklin walked with hicks
the faces keep changing but the team always lewises
to err is more than human in this neighborhood
angels here have always feared to trod her

so assemble ye, Westbrook, Levins, and Greg Lewis,
Pinkston who turns yellow before uniform turns brown
Freddie Mitchell, Bold Kingfish of the Plebiscite Hicks
T. O.'s leg held together with a cotter
Run post patterns to the moon as legends s-hould
Where the only guy to stop you is Alan Shepherd

Tom Brady: We blitz you with Hood
We blitz you with Brown
We blitz you with Sheppard,
Brian Dawkins, Michael Lewis
Til you dribble the ball like a Harlem Globetrotter
Lie flat on your back and say "Holy Hicks

How is it now that I blew this"
And I'll tell you why the trophy goes to our 'hood
The hunt to the foxtrotter
Hounds succumbed to distemper
Our coach didn't cut his teeth as a Cleveland Brown
So is just now mastering his tr-hicks

So where the pig's skin is brown be Andy Reid thy shepherd
Stunting the Riding Hood telethon with Little Red Lewis.
Patriots they call those hicks; but we be Patriotter

bio: Ian Keenan is an area writer.

Info on sestinas from website linked below: "The sestina is an old fixed form of poetry, dating as far back as the twelfth century. It consists of six six-line stanzas and a three-line concluding stanza. The ending words of the first stanza are repeated throughout each subsequent stanza in a set pattern. The same six words appear in the concluding three-line stanza, two in each line."

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