Monday, February 28, 2005

Some interesting info ...

On Jan. 26 I wondered here concerning the whereabouts of an epistolary novel in the form of e-mail. Blogger Derik Badman assures me there is at least one such: E: A Novel by Matt Beaumont. And right he is. Came out in October 2000, just before I got this job, which gives me an excuse for not knowing about it. Derik also points out that “Novelist Richard Powers has an online story (“They Come in a Steady Stream Now”) at the journal Ninth Letter that is in the form of emails: Commentary on it here: and .”
Finally, Derik informs me that electronic fiction also exists and sends me to to check it out. This is definitely worth a look.
Also check out Derik’s own very interesting blog, MadInkBeard ( Especially check out, on the left, Premises in Snow.

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  1. Here's an annotated list of email narratives that I've found online. It's a fascinating genre, and I'm particularly interested in ways the medium allows different kinds of epistolary narrative than print epistolary novels have.